Maak van geven een kunst

You too can participate in "Making an art"

39 organizations already preceded you. Thanks to the support of the department and cabinet of Culture, Emolife is working together with production house Clementine and draftsman Redlobster to provide the publicity campaign for (socio) cultural organizations. The campaign consists of a general spot with the forged and dream of each individual organization. Both spots merge and last about 1 minute.

Every organization can share its personalized spot via its own communication channels. The underlying idea is that you start in fundraising with what is already in front of you. Every culture maker has an audience. The first assignment is to point out to the public that they can also donate to you, their beloved cultural or socio-cultural organization. With this we plant the seed of awareness. " Give to art, give to art " is the mantra. Use: in your own room, on your website, via social media, via e-mail, on youtube, before or after performances, on TV screens next to the desks, as an introduction to lectures, or why not on open days, patronage dinners, press meetings etc. Emolife will help you to spread the spot as efficiently as possible.

How ?
The general spot is already there. You can see it from Wednesday 19 December here . The mockery brings a general intro about the importance of culture, its value and beauty, the emotions, the bond with the audience, the discussions that are not avoided. And why it is important that people care about culture. Literally and figuratively. Baseline is " Making an art ".
Then it's your turn. This personalized section is tailor-made for every organization that participates. Emolife guides you in writing your pitch. You choose who brings the pitch. Friendraising is people work, you appeal to your audience. Straight, in the camera, without bells or whistles. Emolife coaches you to bring your message clear and attractive.

Price ?
Thanks to the contribution of the department, we provide this service at a modest price, which is only a fraction of what you pay if you develop these tools yourself. The price depends on your turnover figures (including subsidies). If your average turnover of the last 2 full financial years is less than 350,000 euros, you pay 600 eurosexcl. VAT. With an average turnover of the last 2 full financial years between 350,000 and 750,000 euros, your own contribution is 900 euros excl. VAT. If your average turnover of the last 2 full financial years is higher than 750,000 euros, you will pay 1,200 euros excl. VAT for your commercial.

Timing ?
We launched the first part of the campaign at the end of 2018. The second phase, on which you can subscribe, is now running. You can register until the end of February 2019. Recordings take place in April.

More info at :

Hans Lenders, tel. 0472 11 41 98,


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Inloggen op Het Atelier / Maak van geven een kunst

Hier kunt u inloggen voor het intranet van Het Atelier en de campagne 'Maak van geven een kunst'. Hier kunt u alle benodigde informatie vinden en uw eigen spot downloaden.

Bij vragen, neem contact op met Hans: of +32 9 372 08 82.